Business Development

Students will be taught the fundamental skills they will need to run their own business.

Why is having a mentor important?

Excelling in the performance of our practices is what is going to get our clients results. However, business performance comprises of many areas, and it’s important to set a good foundation in all sectors. To run a business successfully, owners need to create time to focus on strategy, have the right expertise guiding that movement, and most importantly have the right perspective to execute. We all know resources are limited in the beginning, and that’s where we come in as your mentor. We welcome businesses to utilize our experience on an ongoing basis to help them advance their business performance to a high, scalable yet maintainable level. By having us as your mentor you can learn from us the most effective techniques when it comes to budgeting, surpassing sector based challengers, and most importantly how to adapt business strategies to scale in an evolving market.

What is your Business Development Program?

Our most popular form of consultation services is our business development program. Most entrepreneurs who take this route have zero or little experience within the industry; however, we do welcome professionals with experience. The program lasts 8 to 12 months where students will be taught the fundamental skills they will need to run their own business. Areas taught range from campaign development, where they will learn and practice first hand promotions and sales campaigns, to business management which covers financial planning, reviewing industry and consumer trends, leadership skills and how to approach and form professional relationships with clients and customers.