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A dynamic, professional promotions and sales agency based in Miami

Why Omnifortuna, Inc.?

Our company name Omnifortuna, Inc. encapsulates the core values of our company.

The Latin prefix Omni means ‘all, one, whole.' The sense of togetherness, growth and perseverance that our company is based on has enabled us to build a culture that continues to strive for success and growth, no matter what. It is our motivation and passion for what we do that sets us apart from other outsourcing agencies in the sales and promotions sector.

Also derived from Latin, Fortuna translates clearly into the English word Fortune. Our philosophy captures the essence of how all fortunes are developed. All fortunes have grown from nothing into something spectacular. Like a great tree, from small seeds, fortunes grow through heavy challenges, circumstances, and conditions to blossom into a beautiful success.

Using our brilliant strategists and clients’ marketing management, we take initial ideas within the mind and turn them into revolutionarily test market campaigns. We help them to grow into successful, profitable regional campaigns and develop our clients’ projects into national scale booming successes. We are able to execute these innovative and results-driven campaigns all from an initial idea. So just like how fortunes are grown from nothing into something special, here at Omnifortuna, Inc. we pride ourselves in being our client's partners in that process.

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Why Hire us?


We add that personal touch to create customer relationships

At Omnifortuna, Inc. we always go that extra mile to ensure you get the most for your money. In today’s competitive market, building customer relationships are fundamental to a brands’ success. These simply don’t happen overnight, and that’s where we come in! We’re a friendly bunch and take pride in representing your brand. We go straight to your customers to deliver engaging public relations and sales campaigns in person. Our promotional representatives enjoy speaking with your customers, answer any questions they may have, making them feel valued. The key benefit of conducting face-to-face interactions over mass marketing is that we get to collect first hand feedback about the customer experience for you to utilise in the future. We find out everything the customer wants from your brand to ensure you continue to meet their needs.

Our ambitious and results-driven work ethic gets you results

Our mission is to become one of the premier outsourcing solutions in the United States of America within the PR, Promotion, and Sales industries. Scaling growth is at the forefront of our business strategy, yet for us to do this, we need to ensure we always exceed the expectations from our clients. For us to be able to grow, our clients need to know that we can help them successfully, efficiently, and most importantly repetitively. Having a clientele that is always satisfied with our services is what will help us expand our market reach throughout the United States. That’s why we take every client's campaign with great pride, to ensure every client receives a quality service at a competitive cost. We are not satisfied until our clients and their customers are!